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For 41 years, Jay Lasslo was heard in homes and automobiles on WSGS & WKIC.  Hired as a advertising salesman on WKIC in 1956, he provided the voice behind thousands of commercials over the years.  In 1965 - he brought his daily radio sportscast to television when WKIC started TV in Hazard.  He was also Hazard's first TV weather man.  Jay hosted Flight 1390, a long running music program and the Cavalcade of Sports on WKIC and WSGS until 1997 when he retired and he did play-by-play of baseball, football and basketball games.  Add your comments to this page by clicking on the link below.

I appreciate the opportunities to hear Mr. Lasslo's voice again on this site.  He was such a kind man.  I can't remember ever seeing him without a smile on his face.  Mike, your comments about your father were wonderful.  Suzy Tedesco Vittitow, Elizabethtown, KY

I am very sad to hear about the passing of Jay Lasslo.  I look back with fond memories of the days Jay and I worked together at WSGS/WKIC, including the countless number of basketball and football games we did together.  In my book, Jay was a true Hall of Famer.  Johnny McIntyre, Lexington, KY

I am speechless to have lost such a good friend. Jay and Delphia and their sons were all very special people. Julius was my age and we attended the Methodist church here in Hazard for a long time. Jay was a prisoner of war during WW2 , although not many people knew that. I enjoyed his broadcasts on WSGS and shall always remember how much fun we all had together. Lets remember the good things we did together. RIP Julius. Anna, your mother, is waiting in heaven for you.  Elizabeth Duncan, Hazard, KY

I worked with Jay at WSGS.  Jay Lasslo, among so many other things was an honorable man. A decent and honorable man who set standards in life.  Randy Walters, WTUK, Harlan, KY

Shane, you did a great job on the story about my father.  My brothers and I grew up thinking it was normal for us young lads to be in the car with dad when his voice would come out of the radio.  We grew up with Faron and Shane and the rest of the WKIC/WSGS family.  Many times after school we would run downtown and go into the studio when Dad was on the air.  Throughout my adult working life, almost anywhere in Kentucky when I introduced myself as a Lasslo, they would ask, "are you any kin to the guy on the radio?".  And I was (and still am) proud to say, yes that's my dad!  Thanks for everyone's' kind remembrances.  Julius will be missed but not forgotten.  Mike Lasslo, Hazard, KY

To the entire WSGS-WKIC-WZQQ-WJMD family:  A giant of a voice was stilled over the weekend with Jay's passing.  For myself, and anyone who listened to the radio in Eastern Kentucky through the years, it's hard not to remember WKIC-WSGS (and Hazard broadcasting) without thinking of Jay Lasslo.  From commercials to air-shifts and especially sports, he was one of a kind.  I always thought it would have been great to have an hour-long television interview (or radio, for that matter) with Jay and Ernest one last time, to get the essence of what they did during their barnstorming days doing basketball games on the radio for five decades.  That would have made one hell of a story for history's sake.  I feel that stations in the mountains should observe a moment of silence at Jay's funeral, to remember the passing of a legend. His life was the American dream, and he not only lived it to the fullest, he also gave of himself to his listeners in return.  My thoughts and prayers go to his family.  Jeff Noble,
Editor The (Jackson-Breathitt County) Times-Voice, Jackson, KY

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family in their loss.  Eastern Kentucky has lost another great voice of the mountains.  The memories of Julius and Delphia Lasslo are noteworthy in that they are all good memories.  May God bless and ease the grief and suffering of the family.  John Paul Campbell, Liberty, KY

Clifford and I send our love, prayers and support to each of you. Mike, Steve, Solie and Joey, You four sons made your Dad and your Mom so proud! You all are like brothers to me. We love you and we send our deepest condolences.  Ann Campbell, McIntyre, Hazard, KY

Grew up listening to Mr. Lasslo and the Sweet Sixteen the excitement he added made them most memorable.  Can you believe it has always been one of the things I'll never forget.  My thoughts and prayers are extended to his family.  Hazard has lost another great citizen.  Rest in peace Mr. Lasslo.  Mary L. Combs, Asheville, NC

An icon is gone, in comparison to the nation, this was our Walter Cronkite. For many years he was the voice of the mountains as WSGS signal traveled a great distance.  Don Carroll, Hazard, KY

So sorry to hear this!  I grew up listening to him and Ernest do the sweet sixteen, they made me feel like I was there in the stands.  I fondly recall Jay calling it the "dribble derby"  Wayne

Jay was a class act.  Always professional.  Sure would love to see that quick draw one more time.  Scott Napier - WJMD-FM

I'm very sorry to hear of Jay Lasslo passing. I grew up in Knott County and listened to Jay Lasslo and WSGS everyday.  Jay Lasslo is one of the big reasons a decided to become a broadcaster myself.  He sure will be missed.  Ron Smith-WSIP, Paintsville, Ky.

Old Hazard residents are dying off.  His voice was part of our lives for many years.  His ballgame voice was heard by many and enjoyed by all.  His voice was vibrant and his ability to put you on the floor with his calling of the game was unmatched as I remember.  I lived beside the Lasslos for several  years and he, Delphia and the boys were so much a part of Broadway, great parents, all around neighbors and I missed them a lot when we moved away.  Their sons grew up (the early years) with my children and we have fond memories of our days there by the Lasslos on Broadway and extend our thoughts and prayers to them in their time of great loss.  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

We have losta sound we grew up with, Jay Lasslo on the radio,from calling games, to commercials to reading our letters to Santa. I got ready for school with the radio blaring my Daddy's Kentucky Power commercials in Mr. Lasslo's voice. He will be missed.  Sharon, Hazard, KY

 It seems like just yesterday when we were in Louisville.  It was raining and Jay was carrying his hat.  Someone asked him why he did not have his hat on in the rain and he said, "My head is 40 years old and my hat is brand new."  That was 40 years ago.  Thanks for all he did to promote basketball in the area.  When it came to broadcasting Jay was one of the best.  Carlene Shackelford, Hazard, KY

I worked at GMAC with Delphia and her sister many years ago.  Dora Holbrook, Lynn Haven, Florida

I loved listening to Jay and I miss listening to him.  Michael Barnes, Busy, KY

I remember the good old days on main street when my dad Henry Hatfield was the manager at Watson's.  They would always get together and have coffee at Don's restaurant.  Jimmy and Judy Lindon, Hazard, KY

Where has the time gone?  I remember the bunch at WKIC and wish all the best.  Doug Slough, (former WKIC engineer) Wytheville, VA

 I remember Jay very well. I worked for Beams Electric when I got out of service. We did work for WKIC in the '60s.  I met Jay then.  Carl Gene Lawson Jr., Scottsburg, IN

Jay was a very special favorite of our family! Mary Belle and I grew up listening to Mr. Lasslo and Mr. Sparkman on WKIC and we cherish those many good times and great memories! The reporting of sports has never been as good as when they did it!  Jay was a classic and a treasure.  John Earl Goff, Jr. - Walkertown section of Hazard 

I still think of Jay and reminisce of the great times we shared working together at WSGS Radio.  I sure do miss seeing his smiling face every day." Love, Trish Stacy, Hazard, KY

We miss hearing Jay on the radio, it was a joy to hear him bring the ballgames.  There will never be another Jay. Betty Francis, Hazard, KY

My dad sure did love Ernest and Jay so much!  He was one of a kind!    I can't help but say how close my grandmother, Rebecca Burns, and Mrs. Lasslo were. Those were the days!  Mary Belle Goff, Hazard, KY

Sure do miss hearing 'Morning Glory' everyday at the station. It sure got the day off to a good start.  Paula Campbell, WSGS

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