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Photos Of McAllister At Perry County Church
Images provided by Darrell Smith with the Lotts Creek Evangelical Church

"This is the Kathryn McAllister that I will always remember.  She loved to play the piano for us at Lotts Creek Evangelical Free Church, and we loved having her play, because we could tell that she enjoyed it so much, and I knew that I would always get a big smile, and a great handshake, whenever I would stick my hand around the piano.  I was told that she had a copy of the picture, of her at the piano, in her office. You can see the joy in her face as she plays.  I'm glad that I took it.  We all loved Kathryn, and she will be truly missed, by all of us at Lotts Creek Evangelical Free Church.  Piano players come and go, but a person like Kathryn is a rare gift to humanity.  We love you Kathryn, now rest with the Lord."  Darrell Smith

Additional photos taken by Darrell Smith at the Lotts Creek Evangelical Free Church.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Kathryn McAllister, 82, Hazard City Clerk, and employee of the City of Hazard for 32 years, died on July 29th at her home on Poplar Street.  According to a report, her co-workers became concerned when she didn't show up for work Tuesday morning.  One employee said she was never late.  McAllister was found unresponsive on her couch at her residence.

Kathryn McAllister was born in Knox County, Kentucky, the daughter of William Avery McAllister and Olive McKinney Mcallister.  She grew up in Hazard and graduated from Hazard High School.  She moved around the state a good bit due to her father's association with Standard Oil of Kentucky.  She attended Hazard Community College and The Ashland College of Commerce. She also worked for Hazard Community College and several coal companies over the years.  At Union College in Barbourville, she served as a secretary to the president.  McAllister worked in the Bowman Memorial Methodist Church as a youth worker and secretary.  She played piano for Sunday School since she was twelve years old.  The first hymn she learned to play, which was one of her favorites throughout her life, was "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."  McAllister said even though she was a member of the Methodist Church, she felt the need to serve the Lord where she thought she was called to do so.  She played the piano for the Lotts Creek Evangelical Church.  Kathryn came to the City of Hazard municipal government in August of 1976 as an executive secretary.  In 1983 she became the City Clerk.  On August 5, 1988 Kathryn became a certified City Clerk and received her certification from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks in Lexington, KY.  McAllister served as the president of the Business and Professional Women's Club.  Kathryn McAllister was preceded in death by her parents, one brother - William Avery McAllister Jr. and one sister - Jeanette Sheppard.  Survivors include one nephew - Scotty McAllister of Hazard, two nieces - Karen Parks and Sandy Smith of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1st cousins - Virginia Stephens of Hazard, and Betty Wright of Lexington, and cousins - Susan Stephens of Hazard and Perry County District Judge - Lee Ann Stephens of Hazard, and her beloved cat - Roxie.

Kathryn McAllister was a contributor to HazardKentucky.com.  She shared her memories of the 1957 flood in Hazard:

"During the '57 flood I worked at the Bowman Methodist Church as secretary and youth worker.  We opened the door of the church and fed several people daily, and people spent the night who did not have a place to stay.  The lights were out in town.  Frances Pearlman and I went out in the dark of the night to gather food for people from those who could donate so the people could eat.  Red Cross helped.  We would sing hymns during the day for those who helped and those who were lonely."  Kathryn McAllister, Main Street, Hazard, KY

I will deeply miss my Aunt Kathryn.  She was my miracle worker.  I am sure that her prayers are the only reason my daughter will soon be 19.  You see, my daughter was born 2 1/2 months prematurely.  She weighed 2 pounds.  We were told her chances for survival were less than 1%.  I remember one evening my daughters lung had collapsed and she was getting worse.  My Mother, Jeanette, who was Kathryn's sister, called Kathryn.  Kathryn said a prayer over the phone.  Kathryn then told my Mom that God told her my daughter would be fine tomorrow.  Well, she wasn't kidding.  From that day my daughter's improvement was drastic.  She finally was able to come home and suffered absolutely no consequences from being a preemie.  That was my Aunt Kathryn.  She prayed and you saw results.   I will miss hearing her play the piano, but I know that her and my Mom are both in Heaven playing duets together!!!  I would also like to say a special thank you to Leigh Anne, the service was beautiful.  And to the whole Stephens family, Jo, Bruce, Leigh Anne, and Susan, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  You all did so much and meant so much to Kathryn.  We will see her again someday!!  Sandra Smith, Cincinnati, OH

Kathryn is my aunt and may I say I am very proud and honored to be part of the family.  She is an amazing woman that loved life and everyone that she ever met.  Always had a smile and a kind word to say to everyone.  To know Kathryn was to know Jesus he was and is her life.  I was very close to her and will miss her and always remember he as the person that Prayed for me and many people that she knew and her prayers were answered.  May God bless her and all that knew her.  I appreciate all the people that have written such sweet things about her.  Leigh Anne Stephens, thank you for all your support and also to Joe and Bruce Stephens, may God bless you for it.  I truly appreciate it and love you all.  Scotty McAllister, Hazard, KY

My best friend, Zoe Baugh Draughn, and I talk almost daily.  She was so sad to hear about Kathryn.  She said that she and Kathryn attended the Methodist Church for many years and Kathryn attended another church where she played the piano.  Zoe said this past Sunday, Kathryn came down the aisle of the Methodist Church and took a seat beside her and they conversed a little before Church started.  Zoe was so glad to see her and all.  She looked at Zoe and said, "Zoe, I got homesick."  Idalee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

I was away on a trip to Tennessee with our high school and college students from the church when I received a phone call Tuesday morning informing me of Kathryn's passing.  It was news that I truly found hard to believe.  Kathryn was so vibrant and full of life.  She was a tremendous blessing to all of us here at the Lotts Creek Evangelical Free Church.  She loved playing the piano for us but I believe we loved her playing just as much as she loved playing.  Her God given talent to make beautiful music from the keys of a piano was simply amazing.  She shared with myself as well as many church members that she had felt that God had opened the door for her to use her talents to bring Him Honor and Glory here with us at Lotts Creek.  I'm so glad He opened the door and that Kathryn was obedient to her Lord and Savior by walking through it hand in hand with Him.  Kathryn was always so encouraging with her kind and gentle words that she would always share with my family and myself.  I will never forget them.  I will never forget her.  It was indeed my honor and privilege to serve along side Kathryn for over 3 years here at the Lotts Creek Evangelical Free Church.  She will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Kathryn will be greatly missed, but I can now imagine her playing for an angelic choir in Heaven, hymns of praise to her Lord Jesus Christ.  She has now heard her Master say..."Well done thy good and faithful servant....Welcome Home!!"  Kathryn is now HOME!!  Until we meet again one day Kathryn....Keep playing that sweet music for your Lord and King as you stand in His very presence!!  Pastor Mitch Fields. Hazard, KY

I did not know Miss Kathryn McAllister, but I have enjoyed getting to know her by reading about her.  Her cousin is my dear friend Leigh Anne Stephens.  I consider it a great loss that I never had the chance to know Miss Kathryn personally.  I hurt for her friends and family in their time of loss, but not for her as I know this lady is with the Lord.  My thoughts and prayers are with your community as well as Miss Kathryn's family.  Dan Ballou in Iraq

She always put up with us when we'd be cleaning the windows at City Hall.  If we saw her anywhere she always had a smile and greeting.  She'll be missed.  According to Jesus' words at John 5:28, 29 she's in line for a resurrection when it happens in the future.  I hope I'm there to welcome her back from death.  Phillip St. John, Lothair bottom, Hazard, KY

I came to know Kathryn through the Lotts Creek Ev. Free Church where she played the piano and I sang in the choir.  Her dedication to the work of the Lord was an inspiration to me and I truly liked the lady.  She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  Dinah Prater, Hazard, KY

Dearest Katheryn, your friends at Brad Hughes Toyota wish you the best on your heavenly trip, the angels accompanying you are probably as excited as my friend Charlie Spaulding and I were when we received our DUKES OF HAZARD commission in the mail shortly after meeting you at the dealership, your selfless gift meant so much to myself and Charlie, the prospect of seeing you again in the ' sweet by an by ' is a real comfort to us......til we meet again, so long.  Oscar Rice

I cannot find enough words to describe my wonderful cousin, Kathryn McAllister.  We spent time together every Sunday and I am grateful to have those memories. Kathryn was a faithful servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The joy of having the love of Christ in her heart radiated from her face like beams of sunlight. You could not help being touched by her brightness. She was always happy to share her knowledge and wisdom. She taught me to turn to the Word of God. She taught me the power of prayer and she taught me how to have faith. Not only was Kathryn a blessing to me and my life, she was a blessing to anyone she met. My heart aches from the loss of Kathryn, but I can see her now, playing her favorite hymns in Heaven. Leigh Anne Stephens, Hazard, KY

Kathryn and I were life-long friends.  We went to the Hazard City Schools, the Bowman Memorial Methodist Church, and ended up at Hazard City Hall together!  I shall miss her greatly.  She was a person who lived her faith in God every day of he life.  She showed it in her work at city hall and playing the piano at churches in the area.  She certainly had an extended family in all the members and employees at work.  Kathryn was a person of very dear deep faith and it showed in everything she said and did.  I don't think she ever resented the fact that I became her "boss" while we worked together for the people of the town that Kathryn and I loved so dearly.  All I can say now is that I shall miss her very, very much.  We shared many secrets and prayers together.  Now I am alone and praying that Kathryn is safe with the Lord now and forever.  Elizabeth S. Duncan, Hazard, KY

Katherine was in deed our friend.  She called Earl her boogie bear and he loved her too.  They were such good friends.  She was a one
of kind person and we will miss her smile and her waving at us, We love you Katherine.  When Earl was with the Fire Department she was indeed a friend to him and stood by through thick and  thin  Sherry and Earl Smith, Hazard, KY

What a wonderful woman. Kathryn played piano at our church for many years. "I love to play", she always say, and she did so wonderfully.  I know she is very glad to go home to her Lord and Savior in Heaven.  She will be truly missed by all who knew her.  Randall Deaton, Hazard, KY

We lived across the street from Kathryn for many years when I lived in Hazard.  Kathryn was my first piano teacher way back in the late 60s.  She was always so nice to me and seemed as proud of me as any of my family when I accomplished something in life.  I really attribute my love and understanding of music to Kathryn.  Douglas Odom, Nashville, TN

Kathryn was a sweet and spiritual lady.  She seemed so dedicated to this area.  I saw her walking down on Main just yesterday, and I was thinking there goes a woman who loves this town.  I noticed she didn't look well though.  She was looking around as if it were her place, and it was, and now I know she was having one last look around.  We will miss you Kathryn.  Margaret in Hazard, KY