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Former Hazard Telephone Operator Dies

Lora June Patterson, 78, of Hazard, died on January 23rd at the Hazard Hospital.  She was the daughter of the late Charles and Martha Smith Patterson and is preceded in death by one sister - Louise Stacy.  Survivors include one brother - Merrill Patterson of Lexington and a special niece - Jane Miller.  Patterson is pictured on the far right at the Hazard Telephone Company (in 1961) that was located on High Street in Hazard. 

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My Memories Of Lora June Patterson by Ida Lee Hansel

I hate that distance and old age has kept us from visiting this past year but telephones and cards are a God-send.  She was my bestest pal and we cherished the times we had.  My daughters took me to visit her before she got completely down and they stayed in the vehicle while we visited and when I got back into the car they both said that they sat and cried at the friendship they could sense between the two of us.  When they found out she passed they brought up this occasion and told me to relish on such a friendship as neither of them could think of a friend they have made down through school, etc. that cared that much about them.  Friendship is a rare treasure in God's great scheme of things, and June was one of the gems of that treasure.

She feel in love and made a lifetime decision to give her love up to make sure her parents were taken care of and that she did.  She never forgot her first love and we talked about it many, many times and she said that she would do it again to make sure her parents were well taken care of.  Then her sister passed and her son was June's to take care of.  Later in life, she and I dated brothers and she became one of Gene's best friends during his last days.  That was June, helping those in need and putting herself last.

I told her bye in my own way by whispering it into the air here at my computer and I believe strongly that she may have heard.  June, Louise and their parents are all together again without the pain and suffering.  That thought made it easier to tell her goodbye.