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Date of Birth: August 12, 1972
Place of Birth: Hazard, Kentucky
Hometown: Pinetop, Kentucky
Childhood Memory: Seeing the Dukes of Hazzard stars at the Black Gold Festival
Happy Birthday, Rebecca

Actress Rebecca Gayheart was born in Hazard, Kentucky at the old Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital at Airport Gardens on August 12, 1972 and grew up at Pinetop in Knott County.

Why we like her?

Rebecca Gayheart is not only beautiful and talented, she's  a native of East Kentucky which makes her one of our own.

Why is she famous?    
She starred in the ever popular television series Beverly Hills, 90210, and then moved on to the big screen in movies such as Nothing To Lose, Scream 2, Urban Legend, Jawbreaker, Shadow Hours, Harvard Man, and Pipe Dream.  On television, Rebecca starred in the ABC series “Wasteland,” Fox’s “Beverly Hills 90210” and in the NBC series “Earth 2.” Most recently, she appeared on Showtime’s “Dead Like Me” and on “Nip/Tuck” on F/X.  She gained national recognition as “the Noxema Girl.”

Rebecca Gayheart was born in Hazard, & raised in Pinetop, and everybody wants to claim her.  She comes from a long line of diverse nationalities including those of Italian, Irish, German, and Cherokee descent.  Gayheart was a cheerleader at Knott County Central High School and moved to New York when she was 15 to pursue a career in modeling and acting.  She completed the rest of her high school years at New York's Professional Children's School, and then moved on to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Talkshow Circuit
Gayheart has been seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brain, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, and Last Call with Carson Dailey.

Recent Birthday Greetings from Gayheart Fans

"Happy Birthday Rebecca.  I hope you have the very best birthday ever, my birthday is today, September 8th, but I will be 63.  I just saw your name on WSGS and wanted to send you birthday greetings.  Best wishes to you and you are very beautiful." Doshia Shields, Hazard, KY

"Happy birthday.  I love all your movies, you're great and a good role model."  Victoria Hall, Hazard, KY

"Happy late 33rd Birthday!!  Hope it was the best!" Laurie in Hazard, KY

"Happy Birthday Becky, This is Derek, Ginger's little brother.  Good to read about you.  Best wishes to you and yours.", Derek Honeycutt, United states Navy, Virginia Beach

"Happy Birthday, Rebecca!  I'm a soldier stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  But I'm from the Hazard area, Left Fork of Mace's Creek to be exact.  I just want you to know how proud it makes me to know that someone from our town made it to the level that you did. Well done.  I look forward to seeing those pretty eyes in future movies.  With Love."  SGT Keith Campbell, Fort Hood, TX

"You get better by the year, you've done good for a Mountain girl.  Look forward to seeing you back in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.  A lot of Knott county boys are doing great over here, you would be proud of them.  Thanks for everything, maybe you could send a photo to remind us of home." CSM F N Fugate, 206th En Bn, APO-AE 09815 Serving with Ky National Guard, in Kuwait

"Happy Birthday Rebecca from a 1st cousin?  My Father Bernie would like to know if you are related to Juanita Gayheart in Dwarf?  She had two brothers, Bill & Dick.  My dad's mother, Odessa, had a sister, Molly, & her husband Chester." Penny Godsey, Dayton, Ohio

"Have a nice birthday, Rebecca.  Have a good day." Don Smith in Scottsburg

"You rule!!!!!!  Love 'ya." Rachelle Williams Noble, Hazard, KY

"I'm from Hazard also.  Happy Birthday.  Like pure bred Country girls, you don't look your age :)  Many more happy ones." Rosie Mitchell, Page, Arizona

"Happy birthday, I was born in Hazard also but moved to Ohio when I was 5 years old.  You are a very good actress.  Watched you when you were on daytime soap.  Hope your birthday is a good one."  Judy Hall, Fairfield, Ohio

"I am from Hazard, KY ever so many years ago, but I still am always anxious to go back.  I would like to know exactly how you, being from a small eastern Kentucky town, were able to get into show business; besides your beauty and talent of course.  Did you go to New York City or just how and where were you able to do this?  To me, it is all too amazing to think about and being a fan of yours makes me really care.  When you started being successful in Hollywood, how did your parents react to all the wealth and fame of their beautiful daughter?  Do they still live in the house you grew up in?  Congratulations on your 33rd Birthday!!!  I'm a descendant of R.W. Black Bob Combs and am working up my genealogy.  This is very exciting for me.  If I remember right, you look so like your Mother."  Joanne in Florida

"Even though I don't know you, I remember your Mom and her Makeup parties I've attended.  I am very proud of you for having made it in the Movie business - I have seen all your movies.  Again, Happy Birthday, Becky.  Love ya." Trena Slone, Carrie (Below Hindman)- Knott County KY

"Hi Becky, 90210 was my favorite show when I was younger and I was very proud to see you on there. (Also Jealous! lol).  My husband, Jerry went to school with you at Knott Central.  Glad to see you doing so well.  Good Luck and God Bless You and your family." Vanessa Madden, Hazard, KY

"Happy Birthday Rebecca!  Today on USA I saw the movie 'Jawbreaker' that stars you in it.  I thought that you were soooo pretty in it and nice.  I think that you are a great actress.  You are so talented.  Happy Birthday and I am a big fan of you!" Samantha S. in Pennsylvania

"Hey Rebecca, I don't know if you read this thing or not but I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday.  I'm like best friends with your neice and her boyfriend.  You might remember my brother Darren.  He talked to you at Applebee's one night.  If you ever talk to your neice, ask her about me.  Have a good one." Seth Combs, Mallie, KY

"Hi  Rebecca!  I am Megan Caldwell and I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday.  I have seen just about every movie that you have been in.  My favorites are 'Jawbreaker' & 'Urban Legend.'  I live in Hazard and I've lived here all my life.  I've always thought that little country people like people in eastern Kentucky could never be famous until I learned that your were from Knott County.  Now that I know that even people like us can be famous, I'm going to try to be an actress just like you." Megan Ashley Caldwell, Hazard, KY

"I know that you don't know me, but I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and to let you know that my daughter and I really enjoyed you in 'Urban Legend' and hope that you have continued success in the future. Happy Birthday from your old birthplace of Hazard, Ky." Debbie Wells, Hazard, KY 

"Happy Birthday Rebecca.  I wish you the best of luck in the future.  Smile when things seem bad, it makes people wonder what you are up to, plus you have a great smile and pretty eyes.  Best wishes."  Leonard Toler, Hazard, KY

"Have a great and wonderful birthday and may God bless you in all things you do.  Happy Birthday." Michelle in Bonnyman, KY

"Happy Birthday!  Wish you lots of love.  I did a paper on you in the 4th grade in 2003 for my Famous Kentucky Person."  Brandy Gayheart, Lexington, KY

"Happy Birthday!! Jeanetta in Paintsville, KY

"Happy Birthday Rebecca." Hobert Lewis, Yeaddiss, KY

"You rule!!!"  Hank Noble, Hazard, KY

"I lived in Hazard.  Happy Birthday."  Robert Lawson, Wilmington, NC

"I would like to wish you a very happy birthday from one of your friends at Pinetop, KY."  Jamie Haywood

"Rebecca, I was the head football coach at Perry County Central in Hazard.  Your cousin and one of the girls (Jennifer Stirdefent) was trying to get me and you together when you came in for Christmas and of course it didn't happen.  Well if you are ever in the Atlanta area and want to get together with a good ol Kentucky boy I am now coaching football at the university of west Georgia.  Happy Birthday."  Bert Browne, Carrollton, GA

"Happy Birthday.  Best wishes for a long and successful acting career."  Mike Lusk, Hazard, KY

"I graduated from H.H.S. in '88 and always heard people talk about what a great person you are.  I never had the pleasure of meeting you but I wanted to wish you a great birthday. Take care."  Missy, St. Marys, GA

"Happy Birthday Rebecca! We were born in the same hospital on the same day, 13 years apart.  My birthday is August 12, 1959."  Priscilla Combs Addison, Richmond, KY

"I am from Hazard too.  Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on television.  If you ever get ready to really settle down, give me a yell.  LOL."  Chuck Stamper, Brookhaven, MS

Interested in renting a Rebecca Gayheart movie from your local video store?  Check her film credits below.

Vanished (2006)
Medium (2006) TV Show
Love, Fear, and Rabbits (2006)
Scarlett (2006)
The Christmas Blessing (2005)
Santa's Slay (2005)
Love, Fear & Rabbits (2005)
Dead Like Me (2003)  
Pipe Dream (2002)
Harvard Man (2001)
Doppelganger (2001)
Urban Legends (final cut) 2000
Shadow Hours (2000)
From Dusk Till Dawn 3 (2000)
Puppet (1999)
Wasteland (1999) TV series
Jawbreaker (1998)
Life After Donna Dell (1999)
Urban Legend (1998)
Recommended for Gayheart fans
 Too Smooth
Hercules (1998) TV Series
Nothing to Lose (1997)
Scream 2 (1997)
Invasion (1997) mini series
Cassy Winslow
The Zodiacs (1996)
Somebody is Waiting (1996)
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)
Earth 2 (1994) TV series
Vanishing Son IV (1994) TV
Vanishing Son III (1994) TV
Vanishing Son (1994) TV
Loving (1992-93) Soap Opera
All My Children (1992) Soap Opera
Whatever Happened to Mason Reese (1990)

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